Monday, August 22, 2005

French films - Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival
Hollywood Reporter, United States - 2 hours ago handle sales this year for "Mountain," "Gardener" and Isabel Coixet's Spanish drama "The I wouldn't bring those films unless Venice attracted those top-level

HBO Latino to Offer Unique, First-Run Entertainment Around (press release) - 8 hours ago Coming up in October is the premiere of Maria Full of Grace, HBO Films riveting and first-ever Spanish-language drama about a young Colombian woman s

Televisa Home Entertainment Is Declared US Leader in Spanish
PR Newswire (press release), NY - 15 hours ago For over three generations, "El Chavo del 8" has charmed Spanish-speaking audiences and social commentary is reminiscent of the classic "Little Rascals" films.

Tyro directors reign in Spain
Variety (subscription) - Aug 21, 2005 else knits this latest group, it's the grim industrial realities of Spanish filmmaking and only common denominator is that we've begun to make films with very

Diversity on demand
Rocky Mountain News, CO - Aug 21, 2005 films to French-language broadcasts of African music festivals. Comcast, Denver's and Colorado's main cable provider, recently revamped its lineup of Spanish-

Beauty Shop - 14 hours ago DVD EXTRAS: French audio dub; English, French and Spanish subtitles; audio commentary Latifah gets the role Ice Cube played in the earlier films -- the solid

Latin Invasion Lull: Where is the Year's Latin American Breakout?
Indie Wire - Jul 21, 2005 is in foreign films." And when Latinos make up the largest and fast- growing minority in the US, Berney adds, "Do you even call Spanish films 'foreign language

Lenny Randle chooses the good fight
Dallas Morning News (subscription), TX - Aug 21, 2005 Randle speaks Italian and Spanish and in 2000 wrote a book called Compton to Beyond the Big Leagues. "He got busted. If nobody films it, it's no big deal.".

Art house films
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - Aug 19, 2005 (Rated NC-17 for strong and aberrant sexual content. Running time: 110 minutes. In French, Spanish, German and English with English subtitles. ).

Lincoln Center Takes the LATINBEAT
Indie Wire - 15 hours ago his highly acclaimed performances in several recent Mexican, Spanish, and American box office hits. LatinBeatwill present seven of Luppi's films, spanning his


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